My work is a visual expression of the interconnectedness of perceived opposites.  For the past 45 years, my work has involved the use of negative and positive space, light, and transparency.  I have always been fascinated with the ways in which light and shape are both presence and absence.  Past bodies of work bring the foreground and the background planes of the sculpture or installation into one interconnected space.  Currently, my work involves painted shapes on plastic panels that interrelate with the wall so that the wall becomes an integral part of the work.  A new shape emerges as a result of the panel arrangements.

In essence, my work demonstrates such relationships as light and dark, negative and positive, and emptiness and solidity.  These relationships seem to imply difference at first glance, but because they are entirely interdependent, they reflect our interdependent existence.  This implies that there is a deeper harmony in our environment that we may often overlook.  My approach to art has always been to reveal life’s true nature in the everyday.